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Jason Theriault

Director of Photography

Jason Theriault works as a cameraman, film editor, photographer, technician, and innovator. He is originally from Clare, Nova Scotia, a rural logging and fishing community that prizes resourcefulness and independence in its residents. This trait is very evident in his approach to the problem-solving and independent thinking essential to working with a multidisciplinary team. When given a problematic situation, be it minor or major, his mind automatically seeks solutions.

When working with Véro Leduc on her graphic signed novel project, he films signed videos and explores various signing positions and suitable lighting placements. He films Véro’s signed narrative and encounters with a variety of Deaf people, excerpts of which feature in the graphic signed novel.

Jason Theriault attended mainstreamed schools in Nova Scotia, with a brief two-year residential stint in the now-defunct Amherst School of the Deaf. After high school, Jason studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. After completing the photography program, the Canadian Hearing Society offered him a position as a Digital Video Technician in their Ontario Interpreting Service’s Interpreter Training Program in Toronto. Today, Jason has settled in Montreal, where he finds great creative freedom in the application of his technical skills. Presently, he frequently collaborates with Cinéall Production, Images Ensemble, and H3 Network Media. His work with H3 Network Media is notable in that the organization specializes in live-streaming international events online. Jason developed the workflow currently being used for H3 Network Media’s daily news broadcasts. Jason also provides freelance services upon request.