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Joëlle Fortin, Interprète

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Joëlle Fortin


Thanks to a Deaf childhood friend, Joëlle Fortin discovered Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) at the age of 5. Until the age of 14, she used it every day to communicate with her friend. She remembers the day when a mass celebrated in LSQ by Father Paul Leboeuf led to her discovery of the Deaf community.

However, when she moved away, she soon realized how quickly her fluency in LSQ could be lost. She took her first course in LSQ at the Cégep Lionel-Groulx and continued her training at the Institut Raymond-Dewar. Although her school counselor was unfamiliar with Sign Language interpretation as a profession, Joëlle began a college diploma in the social sciences to prepare for a career as an interpreter. In 1997, she began a certificate in visual interpretation at the Université du Québec à Montréal and eventually became a professional interpreter at the Service d’interprétation visuelle et tactile [SIVET].

In 2009, she founded Spectacle Interface [] with a colleague. The company’s mission is to produce professional cultural events accessible through Quebec Sign Language. Twice a year, the plays, comedy shows, songs, and other entertainment Spectacle Interface presents delight deaf and hearing spectators alike !

Joëlle’s participation in Véro’s doctoral research includes translating the project’s consent form and license for public distribution into LSQ.