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Pamela E. Witcher

LSQ Artistic Director

Pamela E. Witcher is a freelance visual, video, and performance artist ; museum technician ; project coordinator ; video editor ; translator ; presenter ; and consultant. Through these activities, her work often represents social movements that explore d/Deaf experiences, power relations between minorities and majorities, and activism. Born in Montreal to a family of Deaf parents and a Deaf brother, she had the opportunity to embrace the four languages of her roots : American Sign Language, Quebec Sign Language (LSQ), English, and French.

Working with Véro Leduc on her graphic novel project gives Pamela the opportunity to enjoy creating and re-creating language and integrating its visual aspects into a new approach : the graphic signed novel ! Pamela focuses on the LSQ component of the graphic novel in order to ensure the clarity, accuracy, and style of the language. Specifically, she directs and provides insight throughout the process so that LSQ is used in the most expressive way possible, and also offers advice on integrating LSQ and video.

Pamela E. Witcher attended Deaf school (MacKay Center) and mainstream high schools. She obtained a college degree from Dawson College, a BA in Social Work from McGill University, and a second college degree in Museum Technology from Collège Montmorency. She pursues her passion in her artist’s loft and collaborates with Groupe BWB, TraduSign, Cinéall Production, SPiLL PROpagation, and the Deaf Culture Centre of Toronto. Her works are available on the following websites : groupe BWB, tumblr, blogspot and