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Véro Leduc, Auteure
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Véro Leduc


Véro Leduc was born and grew up in Montreal, Kebek, an Algonquin name that means “narrow passage”. Born deaf, she grew up in a hearing family and taught herself to read lips (with the exception of lipreading Barbapapa). Although she learned basic LSQ in her youth, it wasn’t until 2012 that she returned to Sign Language and started spending more time in the Deaf community.

For the past fifteen years, Véro has been involved in a variety of social rights struggles, especially within collectives, associations and community organizations working to defend the human rights of students, video activists, feminists, queers, Deaf people and sex workers. Following a Master’s degree in Social Work focused on a community art project and the social recognition of criminalized women in Québec, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Communication Studies. Her doctoral thesis is a research-creation project which includes the creation of a bilingual graphic signed novel in both French and Quebec Sign Language (LSQ).

The creation of this graphic signed novel focused on the experience of living as a Deaf person, or Deafhood, was made possible with the generous collaboration of the production team.